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GMCC is one of the fastest growing direct lenders in California. We specialize in JUMBO programs (from $200k up to $20m), with an in-house LOCAL underwriting, doc and funding, for extremely efficient turnaround times. We have over 100 lending resources in our correspondent and wholesale channels.

GMCC offers many unique programs, including but not limited to:

  • First Time Buyer Program (5% down, up to $1M with no MI)
  • Purchase without the need to sell your departing primary residence first (for house upgrade)
  • Self Employment Programs (1 year doc, Bank Statement, P&L, Asset Based, No Ratio, and Lite doc)
  • High Tech Borrowers (non-citizenship, limited credit history, RSU/Bonus, less than 2 years, H1 Visa, F1 w/ EAD card)

 All programs are subject to credit approval, Does not guarantee credit decision


GMCC 万通貸款銀行擁有9家分行遍布南北加。專業高效的運作,靈活多樣的貸款方案- 與一百多家Lending resources 合作。即使大额资款jumbo loan都可in house 独立审核批准, 放款可至二干万。我们努力為每一位客戶提供最專業的服務,最優惠的貸款方案. 公司擴大經營, 誠招有經驗的loan processors, underwriters和貸款經紀. 有意者請短信 (650)996-1982; (510) 396-8889; (415)828-3288; (626)415-7848。

GMCC in 2019



1) 大额贷款计划自雇都可用一年报税收入 审核。而且利息低。 贷款金额Lowest $100k

2) 可用资产折算收入包括资产和净值 利息低。

3) 出租屋最少 20- 25% 首付 信用620 可不需其他收入工作信息。不需要point. Much cheaper than private /hard money 

4) 大额贷款计划可用agency du 标准审核

5)  高科技公司借款人 80/10 2.2m ,利率极富竞争力;H-4 visa ok evenF1 visa 有工卡EAD 都有相应产品。       

6) Lite doc. 可用WVOE and VVOE 2 个月bankstatements to qualify       

7) 投资屋贷款 Special 25% 首付, 利率与自住屋相似。 15年浮动利率项目. 15% 首付投资屋贷款高达二百五十万。不需贷款保險 好利息 可用 full/lite doc 


既使大额贷款GMCC 万通贷款银行都可in house 审核放款. Direct lender with over 100+ resources. 不仅利息低而且贷款计划超多超全加盟GMCC。Www.joingmcc.com. 我们GMCC 非常欢迎和房地产专业人士合作为消费者提供最好的货款计划和服务快速迅捷。 www.gmccloan.com



  1) Non-Agency Programs, can use 1 year tax return income to qualify with good rate (full doc pricing)。Lowest Loan amount $100k

2) Non-Agency Programs  can use asset/equity/bank statement to convert into income to qualify,close to full doc, lowest loan amt $100k+

3) Rental No ratio,  25% down min, Fico Lowest 620, No Job/Employment info needed,  No point. Much cheaper than private /hard money 

4) Non-Agency Progrms can use agency du guidelines to underwrite

5)  Borrowers (especially High tech borrowers) ,  80/10 million purchase price, very good rate similar to 20% down .  

   Also, 10% down up to $3million purchase price,  no Mortgage insurance (15% up to $3m, no mi, better rate) 

-- H-4 visa ok even for borrowers with  F-1visa with EAd, doable for Non-Agency Programs

--  Credit and Employment history  less than 2 years, At current job,  RSU/Bonus less than 2 years, all doable

--  House Upgrade, buy without sell first. , can exclude deaparture PITI 100%,

6) lite doc. can use  WVOE or VVOE with 2month bankstatements to qualify, 12/24 months bankstatements available too

 cash out up to 70% of 5 million using bankstatement, $2million cash out.

7) A lot of Investment property mortgage financing  Specials

--  Gift fund 100% allowed (30% down required )

-- 20-25% down similar to owner occupied

-- 15year arm available for rental special.            

-- 15% Down , Investment, no MI, good rate,  can use Full/lite doc 

-- 40 year amortization, Interest only, cash out ....

Many More ......


**  Even Non-Agency (True Jumbo Loans), GMCC can underwrite in house and fund in house..     

Direct lender with over 100+ resources.  not only low rate but also super wide spectrum of mortgage programs

Partner with GMCC。:   Www.joingmcc.com or just email to info@gmccloan.com 

We, GMCC do warmly welcome to partner will all  real estate professionals/companies to help provide the best mortgage program

and fast in smooth and timely fashion for consumers  whether rush purchase or refinance, please see www.gmccloan.com  or email to info@gmccloan.com


Disclosure:  all loans are subject to underwriting approval, does not guarantee credit decision, all programs are subject to change without notice

We offer

Wide Spectrum Programs

Jumbo Pricing 

Agency Direct

Lite Doc

Great Commission

Incredibly Competitive Pricing

We compete with Retail Banks

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Direct Lender Specializing in Jumbo (Lowest can be $200K - $20M)


  • 5% down for $1M, No MI, 680 FICO, minimum reserve. 
  • 10% for $3M, No MI, 680 FICO 
  • $2.2M 80/10, No MI,  Amazing Rate
  • Jumbo program up to 49% DTI, No Hit
  • $3M. 2 Unit Jumbo. Owner occupied, 20% down
  • 75% LTV, $2.5M for Investment. Great rates
  • 2-4 Unit Jumbo Investment special 
  • Compete with Retail Banks in Jumbo Program and Rate
  • Jumbo Program for EAD card borrowers
  • Jumbo Program allows less than 2 year credit/employment history
  • Can do RSU or even Stock Options with Less Than 2 years
  • Interest Only Option
  • Expatriate employee - One Month Paycheck, No FICO, 80% $1.5M
  • Non-QM Jumbo Programs including Special Rate for Bank statements programs: 

                        - 1 year tax return, 12/24 month bank statement lowest  


                        - Lite Doc, DSCR or Even No Ratio (No income, No 

                           reserve, No employment) for rental 75% up to $2M 

Jumbo In-House Delegated

  • Max DTI up to 49.9%
  • Can do RSU or even Stock Options
  • Allow  Non-Occupant Co-Borrower
  • Lowest FICO 661 or 650+
  • Can allow 1 Mortgage late recent (must over 90 days)
  • No 2-year landlord history, No liquid reserve needed

Open House

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Southern California 

Jan 29  10-11:30am     6046 CORNERSTONE CT W San Diego  

Jan 30   10-11:30am     17700 Castleton St Ste 488, City of Industry 

Jan 31 10-11:30am   9960 Research Drive, Irvine, CA 92618   

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Northern California 

Every Tuesday 11:00 AM  

1601 S. De Anza Blvd., Suite 260, Cupertino, CA 95014

Every Wednesday 11:00 AM  

39899 Balentine Dr. Suite 128, Newark, CA 94560 

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Our Services

Direct Lender Specializing in JUMBO Programs and Pricing with over 100+ Investor resources


  • PURCHASE SPECIAL - Challenges in closing purchase loans (even JUMBO) within 2-3 weeks with good rates competing with retail banks

  • 1st TIME HOME BUYER - Good option for 5% down for $900K - $1 M purchase price, FICO 680. DTI 43%, good rate for high balance 636k with Heloc up to 95%

  • HIGH-TECH - Help borrowers qualify by using RSU, 5% or 10% down (no MI) for JUMBO loan and limited credit history less than 2 years? F-1 Visa EAD, H-1 Visa

  •  SELF-EMPLOYED - Offer Doctor Program using min down and future income? 1-year tax return even for JUMBO loan with good rate
  • Many more Programs 

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